Project Updates

2020-04-29 : DigitalRooster-Mk3A: Check Your Silkscreen!

Finally I received the assembly for the revised layout of my Audio PCB. Covid-19 has affected lead times but PCBway was quicker than estimated. Unfortunately not everything was working and it is not pcbway’s fault. I learned you should not blindly trust the CAD data you get, even from ultralibrarian.
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2020-04-13 : REST API

Not all of us enjoy adding their favorite radio station to the list using vi over a serial line. Especially since this is error prone. DigitalRoosterGui now provides a simple REST API to add, list and delete Alarms, Podcasts and Internet Radio stations. The API is specified according to the openapi spec 3.0. This means you can create client code automatically form the specification. Now some adapt and motivate Front-End developer should take over and implement a nice web-gui!
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2020-02-01 : DigitalRooster Mk2A

PCBway did a great job with my first assembly and I am pretty proud of my first design- everything works. That being said there is room for improvement. But this is stuff you find out by experiment, especially if you have never done it before.
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